The Beach House (Laklinyeri)

Client Women's and Childrens Hospital Foundation Location Victor Harbor, SA Completion 2019

When the opportunity came along to be involved in such a life-changing and impactful project, Greenway had to be involved. Both challenging and rewarding, the Beach House, has been designed for families with incredibly complex and challenging needs for children requiring palliative and complex care.
The brief required the facility to “not look like a hospital, but to act like one if required”. Designed as a number of wings, each with a specific function, it has been designed with a carefully crafted layout of spaces and technologies to cater for these family’s specific needs. A bedroom wall that recedes between the parent’s bed and their sick child allows for constant connection, allowing parents to seek rest whilst maintaining a close physical presence is a design highlight. Recessed ceiling hoists, discretely located medical gases, accessible and adaptable ablution facilities, curved corners for new wheelchair users and a kitchen designed for inclusive family time all feature within the space. It allows siblings, friends and others to spend time away from hospital with their loved ones within the safety and comfort of a space uniquely designed for them.
Individually rewarding and delivered with compassion, care and creativity, the Beach House is a space where families under immense pressure and worry can spend much-needed time and to create and celebrate lasting memories.