Salisbury Park Primary School STEM

Client Dept. for Education Location Salisbury SA Value $1,000,000 Completion 2018

Salisbury Park Primary School presented with a range of compartmentalised and regular modules of a series of transportable buildings. The challenge of repurposing these into contemporary learning environments was grabbed with both hands.

The solution has proved to be a game changer for the School. The vibrant spaces have provided an increase in student engagement and interest in their learning opportunities. The interior design has reinvigorated the old, tired building stock, and provides for clear, yet somewhat blurred, delineation between functional areas. A formerly dark and depressing environment is now filled with light, simply by providing borrowed light to all rooms. Previously unknown, the space now opens the full length of the building, providing visibility and accessibility to the widest range of students possible. New furniture, of appropriate heights, weights and shapes, has brought staff and students closer together, providing a burst of colour and life into the spaces.

Through strong collaboration, open conversations and agility and adaptability between all parties, including Client, Contractor and Design team, an excellent design outcome was found. It is an excellent example of how such a project can be delivered under somewhat challenging circumstances.