Salisbury High School STEM

Client Dept. for Education Location Salisbury SA Completion 2018

The refurbishment of the Salisbury High School’s original 1960’s building provides repurposed accommodation to support inventiveness and innovation; encourage imagination and creates spaces to experiment, trial and research within. Formerly very compartmentalised, it now includes a mix of “open” and “closed” spaces, of differing sizes, configurations and orientations to enable them to be used in a flexible and generous manner. There are both “wet” and “dry” zones, as well as “light” and “dark” areas and “active” and “contemplative” spaces. It is an “IT rich” environment with both a mixture of fixed and mobile technologies.

The simple spatial arrangement of the functions within the facilities are embedded with the flexibility, creativity and agility required of and for STEM learning outcomes. The environment now supports the interrogation, analysis and investigation of ideas, concepts and solutions, allowing Students and Staff to utilise new, emerging and yet to emerge technologies to create and make innovative solutions to complex and real-world issues.

Through visual and physical separation and combination of spaces, and the ability for all spaces to accommodate most functions it is expected that the facility will continue grow, shape and change over time to suit the immediate and ongoing needs of its users. The detailing of fixtures and furnishings is expected to continue to support both vibrant and contemplative environments, where complex collaborative and coordinated pedagogies will sit side by side with formal and informal learning opportunities.