SA Housing Authority Marion Office Redevelopment

Client South Australia Housing Authority Location Marion, SA Value $640k Completion 2021

The Marion office of the SA Housing Authority urgently needed an upgrade. The old reception area was drab and underwhelming, making it unwelcoming for clients, challenging for staff to interact with them, and providing little privacy. To improve customer service facilities, Greenway provided a new external entry, which allowed for the relocation of the reception counter. This reorientation opened the public waiting space, improving the visual connection between staff and customers and providing a safe, friendly, and engaging environment.

The redesigned space features a softer visual aesthetic, warm materials and a sense of security to make clients and staff feel more comfortable. New zoning facilitates interaction with staff online or in person. Self-service facilities separate the entry and waiting areas from the main counter to ensure privacy and distance for those waiting for assistance. The main reception counter provides clear physical and biological safety screening, with dividers between work points to acoustically separate clients. The counter offers an easy and quick retreat for staff whilst allowing for passive surveillance. An integrated hydration station and separate child-friendly zone with a playful cubby house form remove the clinical feel of many waiting rooms and provide easy supervision of children away from the main waiting areas. To create a more inviting space, the redesign incorporates plants as screening devices, interesting shapes and welcoming touch points. Both staff and clients have responded positively to the changes, making the new Marion office a more engaging, welcoming space for all.