Cheltenham Cemetery Mausoleum

Client Adelaide Cemetery Authority Location Cheltenham Cemetery Completion 2019

Established in 1876, Cheltenham Cemetery is one of the oldest in South Australia. The provision of this mausoleum allows the needs of the local community to be met. The brief nominated that the facility should incorporate a formal entrance into the mausoleum precinct and should be designed in an outdoor setting. The facility consists of two identical crypts ‘modules’ opposite each other, linked by a floating partially open roof plane over a central formal landscaped courtyard. All crypts are protected with a roof overhang. The roof is a strong element defining the precinct and providing interest.

The crypt modules have crypts on two faces to provide a choice of location and orientation with secondary courtyard areas to the outside-facing crypts. The crypts are granite-faced, and end walls are clad in sandstone to differentiate and for a sense of prestige and warmth.

The design provides a sense of simplicity, calm and sophistication, and the well considered landscape enhances this. The new structure sits very comfortably in its setting.