With an extensive portfolio spanning nine years and a rich array of architectural projects, Duane brings a distinctive blend of creativity and technical prowess to Greenway Architects. Hailing from South Africa, Duane’s architectural journey is characterised by a passionate commitment to shaping purposeful spaces. His approach involves seamlessly integrating technical acumen with practical knowledge, where the utilisation of Revit and BIM software stands out as integral to the success of his projects.

For Duane, architecture is a profound exploration of meaning—an opportunity to delve into the motivations behind each project and understanding the intricacies of the operational requirements. This interrogation allows for the transformation of simple physical structures into meticulously crafted environments that transcend mere functionality, resonating deeply with the human experience.

At Greenway Architects, Duane remains at the forefront of project leadership, approaching each endeavour with a holistic mindset. The convergence of technical excellence, practical application, and a commitment to meaningful, purposeful design defines his ongoing contributions to Greenway’s innovative and transformative architectural projects.

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