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Port Pirie GP Plus Complete

By Jon Lowe Nov 5th 2013 12:30pm

The Premier recently visited our new Health Care Centre at Port Pirie. Here are some photos from the recent opening of the (almost complete) 'beautiful facility'... The external landscaping is still a work in progress.

The main entry.

Jay Weatherill on ABC radio confirmed "we got this one right, this one's a fantastic effort by the community ... there's a lot of unique features to this facility. It's obviously a very significant facility, about 160 people could be here ... they'd come in from various places to take up their position here. It's got extraordinary facilities such as this fantastic training and conference centre, it's got a drop in facility for young people, it's got some wonderful rooms to encourage young people to come in and play and also get their healthcare needs met ... really wonderful facilities for the workers who have had to put up with some pretty substandard conditions."

The Staff Kitchen.


State of the METC

By Simon Frost Jan 24th 2014 9:30am

The Mining and Engineering Centre received a positive write up in the local messenger (see our concept artwork above).

Have a look here for further details.


Henley Beach Police Station

By Simon Frost May 29th 2015 3:00pm

Design work is complete on the redevelopment of the more than 50 year old police station at Henley Beach. Greenway have undertaken a complete replacement of SAPOL's existing facility, with construction expected to commence soon.

You can read more about it HERE.

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